2008 Conf Audio


001.mp3  L. Duane Brown-“Divine Mysteries: The Mystery of Providence-How God Controls Circumstances”
002.mp3  Robert Crane-“Leadership in a Dysfunctional World”
003.mp3  Robert Crane-“Failure of Leadership When Needed Most”
004.mp3  Ralph Colas-“Facing Life’s Storms Prepared”
005.mp3  L. Duane Brown-“Divine Mysteries: The Mystery of Parables-Why Jesus Used Them”
006.mp3  Justin Kauffman-“Talent or Chemistry”
007.mp3  Ken Lynch-“God’s Watchmen”
008.mp3  L. Duane Brown-“Divine Mysteries: The Mystery of History-How the Reformation Came”
009.mp3  Dave Reinhardt-“Leadership: A Whole Lot of Attentiveness”
011.mp3  Richard Harris-“Who’s Going to Fill their Shoes”
W01.mp3 Charles Dear & Dan Cleghorn-“Crossing the Blue Line”
W02.mp3 Allen Dunckley-“Leadership Anchored in Genesis”
W03.mp3 Karen Harris-“Leadership through Trials”
W04.mp3 Dan Brown-“Leadership Response to the Emerging Church”
W05.mp3 Clay Nuttall-“The Pattern for Biblical Leadership in the Local Church”
W06.mp3 Marlys Johnson-“Love and Lead”