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The Review – August 2019

Inside The Review : The Blight of Modern Antisemitism by Bob Payne, IBFNA Moderator Robert T. Ketcham: Completing a Portrait of Obedience – Part One by Dan Greenfield “Reproducing Faithful Men” 2019 Conference Report

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2019 – Conference Theme “Reproducing Faithful Men”

Whereas many churches have become libertine in their teaching and preaching, whereby concessions are made to politically correct attitudes and approval/sanction of practices that are clearly in contradiction to Biblical principles and doctrines (Matthew 15:9); and Whereas many of these churches are now being led by men who were never trained in authentic exposition and…

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2019 – Appreciation for Good News Baptist Church – Host Church

The brethren of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, meeting June 18-20, 2019 at Good News Baptist Church, Chesapeake, VA, hereby express our deep appreciation to our host church for their generous welcome and thoughtful care for us under the leadership of our brother, Pastor Mike Ascher. We were made to feel welcome from…

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