2005 – Resolution on Sanctity of Life and Ethics

Whereas we live in strange times where evil is called good and the unrighteous are regarded as heroes (Judges 21:25, Is. 5:20, Psalms 73) and,


Whereas our technologically advanced society has presented ethical dilemmas not encountered only several decades ago such as now having the ability to keep bodies animated perpetually for the sake of harvesting vital organs and,


Whereas we are faced with real and complex medical ethics, unconstitutional runaway judicial activism, financial perplexities based upon political expedience, privacy issues and spiritual conundrums such as the custody/feeding/starvation ordeal of Terri Shiavo, the powerful homosexual community, irresponsible behavior of some tarnishing the just war against Islamic terrorism; the leftist media agenda, and the abortion on demand feminists;


Therefore we, the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America meeting in Shipshewana, Indiana on June 21st through 23rd of 2005, do hereby call our brethren back to a mindset based upon a literal biblical interpretation; we further call upon America to vote their consciences not their pocket books; additionally, we urge all elected officials to reflect upon the basis of their authority as coming from a righteous and holy God before Whom we will all someday stand, and legislate accordingly.