2005 – Resolution on Dispensationalism

We, the members of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, meeting in Shipshewana, Indiana, on June 21st through 23rd of 2005, reaffirm our commitment to a literal, historical-grammatical interpretation of the Word of God and recognize a clear distinction between Israel and the Church in God’s plan (I Cor. 10:23).  We recognize the truth that God has purposed to glorify Himself with men in every age and dispensation. 


We further recognize that from age to age the means of salvation has always been by faith in the Person and sufficient redemptive work of Jesus Christ (either looking forward to Him or looking back at Him).  Additionally, God’s means of revelation, and His requirements of stewardship, have been progressively unveiled to men from dispensation to dispensation (Eph 3:2-5; Col 1:25-28).


We further reject the compromise of so-called progressive dispensationalism and its blurring of Reformed Covenant theology with historic dispensationalism.