2005 – Resolution on Church Growth Methods

We, the members of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, meeting in Shipshewana, Indiana, on June 21st through 23rd of 2005, reject both the modern day Church growth and the “Purpose Driven” Church movements.  Such movements rely upon unwholesome blends of worldly music and ungodly entertainment mechanisms in mall-like environments using secular gimmicks, high-pressure programs, and ecumenical speakers to “grow” “seeker sensitive” churches contrary to the holiness of God.


Edification of the saints and evangelism of the lost are the Scriptural means by which the church will grow (Eph. 2:19-22).  


We reaffirm and commit ourselves to the Church’s purpose to glorify God.  We intentionally limit ourselves to follow Biblical principles for Church growth in which: Christ is acknowledged as the One Who builds His Church (Mt 16:18); Pastors faithfully “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Tim 4:5), “preach the Word” (II Tim 4:2), “feed the flock” (I Peter 5:2), “admonish” the saints (Rom 15:14), and “teach” the Church (Mt 28:19, 20; I Tim 4:11; 6:2) so that the believers will be effectively equipped to do the work of the ministry  (Eph 4:12).


We recognize that as Christians are faithful “sowing” and “watering”, God will give increase to our ranks, if He so chooses as He alone can do, and has promised to do!  (1 Cor 3:6).