2007 – Concerning the Training of Pastors and Missionaries

WHEREAS there are pastors of churches throughout Central and South America, Africa, and the Far and Middle East who have little or no theological formation; and


WHEREAS the Future of such churches depends upon a well-taught leadership and a well-trained Biblical membership (I Timothy 4:6; II Timothy 2:15; 4:2; Romans 16:17; Ephesians 4:14); and


SINCE we have been blessed for many years with good, Biblical and Godly instruction in the Word of God,


THEREFORE be it resolved that we, the members of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, being assembled in our annual meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, June 19-21, 2007 do hereby personally dedicate ourselves to do all that is in our power to help train pastors, and those who are called to be pastors and missionaries in these neglected places; with all the necessary tools, including studies in the languages of the Bible, Bible doctrines (including the doctrine of separation) and such contemporary issues as Biblical music (II Timothy 2:2).


Be it further resolved that we will utilize all new methods (such as internet, video, DVD, personal visits) which may be Biblically sound to obtain such ends.