2007 – Concerning Progressive Dispensationalism

WHEREAS Progressive Dispensationalism, which uses a Reformed hermeneutic, has invaded some Bible-believing churches, missions, and schools with a non-literal interpretation of the Scriptures and caused much confusion among church members and leaders; and


WHEREAS Progressive Dispensationalism attempts to amalgamate Reformed and Dispensational hermeneutics; and


WHEREAS this form of interpretation results in a blurring of the differences between Israel and the Church, a non-literal view of the kingdom of God in the scriptures and a diminishment of dispensational distinctives in the sovereign rule of God.


THEREFORE be it resolved that we, the members of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, being assembled in our annual meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, June 19-21, 2007 do hereby affirm our position as dispensationalists and do hereby commit ourselves to a literal, dispensational hermeneutic.