2010 – The Need for Caution in Times of Profound Political Upheaval

The Need for Caution in Times of Profound Political Upheaval

Whereas there is increasing attention being paid to political solutions as a means of reversing the undermining of our nation’s Constitutional foundation and to recover our society from its moral declension, and

Whereas there are many conservative political pundits with whom we may agree, regarding the changes in government and society, and appreciate their call to return to the historic principles on which out nation was founded, and

Whereas God’s people need greater discernment than ever before, by using the Scriptures to help us distinguish between the wisdom of men and the wisdom of God, and

Whereas, even believers must guard against any cult of personality, conservative or otherwise, whereby we may be tempted to believe that everything said and done by those respected persons is presumably accurate, agreeable to Biblical Christianity and without any ulterior motive or secondary agenda,

Be it, therefore, resolved, that we the members of the IBFNA, meeting in Charlotte, NC, June 22-24, 2010, do hereby determine together that we will exercise greater caution in our personal judgment, as well as what we recommend or endorse before other believers, regarding persons who over many years have been legitimate spokespersons for political conservatism, but who personally are yet themselves deceived by cults and false religions now flourishing in our nation.

Be it further resolved that we recognize and mark clearly before others the inherent weakness and limitation of any prescription made to improve our society’s ills which fails to recognize the need for a spiritual revival of the people that is consistent with the Word of God, which does not call for the humble prayer of believers to seek in repentance God’s supernatural intervention, and which preserves the freedoms of speech and assembly necessary for the continued proclamation of the Gospel.

Be it further resolved, that we will not hide the spiritual weaknesses of conservative leaders and broadcasters, who though accurate in their revelations of the many failures of those in government, business and society, nevertheless persist in their own spiritual blindness, which colors their perceptions and recommendations, because they are spiritually deceived by other authorities and religious doctrines which are contrary to the absolute authority of God’s Word. We, therefore, heartily commend the Apostle Paul’s admonition that we be followers of those who demonstrate clearly that they are followers of Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 11:1).

Be it finally resolved, that we recognize and declare that the troubles befalling our nation have arrived as an expected outcome of the spiritual famine of hearing the words of the Lord (Amos 8:11) as fostered by corrupt leaders, both civil and spiritual, and that the struggles we now face have come as a result of the growing conflict for and against the God of the Bible and His Word, and that the Truth resting in Biblical principles must prevail over the wisdom of any man, if we would ever know the peace and blessing of God upon our people, again.