2013 – Conference Theme: “Found Faithful”

Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America

Annual Conference, June 18-20, 2013; Shipshewana, IN

Resolution on the Conference Theme: “Found Faithful”


Whereas the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America exists to glorify, obey, and honor the God of the Bible, Whose mercies are new every morning and Whose faithfulness is truIy great in both times of joy and progress and times of sorrow and judgment (Lam. 3:22);

And whereas it is only by the power of those mercies and the unfailing compassion of that faithfulness that we are not consumed, in that our faithful God has called us unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ, our Redeemer (1 Cor. 1:9);

And whereas that calling and that fellowship involves a stewardship of the mysteries of God as the ministers of Christ, which requires us to be found faithful in the eyes of Him who called us (1 Cor. 4:1-2);

And whereas we live in a day in which standards of faithfulness, both inside and outside the household of faith, have been violated through broken covenants, godless worldliness, abandoned stewardships, and betrayed convictions in the realms of civil governments, local churches and Christian ministries, and marriages and homes;

Therefore, be it resolved, that we, the constituents of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, meeting at our annual conference on June 18-20, 2013 at the Farmstead Inn in Shipshewana, IN, resolve to be found faithful (1 Cor. 4:2);

That we keep that which has been committed to our trust by the Lord through the faithful ministry of our forefathers, passing it on to our spiritual sons and our grandsons as the Lord enables us to do (1 Tim. 6:20; Deut. 4:25);

That we count one another as fellow-stewards for Christ’s sake, standing together unashamed of a testimony that is faithful to the fundamentalist convictions of our spiritual forefathers, who were true to the Lord, having sought Him with all their heart and all their soul (Deut. 4:29);


And that, come what may in this desperate day of increasing unfaithfulness, we remember that the Lord our God is a merciful and faithful God, that He will not forsake us, nor forget the promises He has given us; and that, as the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus finished His race faithfully, so that we may be patient in the race He set before us as we look to Him (Heb. 12:1-3).