Moderator’s Letter March 23, 2015

Moderator’s Letter

March 23, 2015

We are looking forward to the IBFNA Conference this coming June 16-18, at Marshall Baptist Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Enclosed is the brochure for you to see. Our theme, “Occupy Till I Come,” is not only timely, it is vital for this day. I believe the events of the Middle East, the events in our own country with the erosion of our freedoms and the unrest being encouraged is telling us the lateness of the hour on God’s time piece.

The purpose of this letter is to give you information that will help you prepare for the conference and to encourage you to make this a priority.

Hotel Change: We have made a change in the hotel we are using for the conference. The Comfort hotel where we had reserved rooms has gone independent from “Choice Hotels.” We are not sure of all of the reasons, but a recent guest noted a marked decline in the hotel service and appearance.

We therefore have reserved a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express at 2520 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston Salem, NC 27127. You can make reservations by calling 366-788-1980, or emailing them at If you made reservations at the Comfort, you may call and drop them is you so desire (336-714-8888).

Since I know how much we pastors hate to read lengthy letters, let me give a few short reasons why it is important for you to attend:

  • If standing together for the cause of Christ is not important to us, then who will stand?
  • We have given every afternoon free for resting, sightseeing, and family time.
  • The quality of our speakers and the importance of the theme.
  • The importance of working together with men of like faith to stand for Christ. The unity of the body is often overlooked when we emphasize our individualism.
  • Our own spiritual batteries need to be recharged in these difficult times.

I urge you to make this a priority in your schedule, your finances, and your prayers. Benjamin Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

Maker your reservations and plans now so that you can stand with others for the cause of Christ.


Allen G. Harris,