2021 – Resolution on Encouraging and Teaching a Biblical Worldview for All Believers Throughout Our Ministries

Whereas the Bible is the sole Authority for our faith, both for salvation and for sanctified living, for all believers by practicing Biblical principles in daily life and encouraging other professing believers in Jesus Christ as Savior to do the same, as shining testimonies of the difference Jesus Christ has made, and

Whereas a survey conducted in May 2021 by Metaformation Inc., under the direction of George Barna, has revealed that while 51 percent of the 1000 adults surveyed claimed to have a Biblical worldview, their answers to survey questions revealed that only 6 percent of those who participated chose the correct answers that were consistent with Scripture, and

Whereas the example of serious deficiencies across a broad range of evangelical ministries whereby Biblical authority is dangerously compromised regarding the Person of God, the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, The Person of the Holy Spirit, etcetera, should be a warning to us that failure to testify to, maintain and demonstrate a Biblical Worldview can undermine our impact upon the lost world around us, resulting in our failure to fulfill the Great Commission, and

Whereas the Bible is replete with Scripture passages that teach and commend the practical application of Biblical principles in the daily lives of all believers in Jesus Christ, as demonstrated in, but not limited to, James 1:22; II Timothy 3:16,17; Luke 6:46; Matthew 5:16, Be it therefore resolved that we, the members of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, meeting in Attleboro, MA, June 22-24, 2021, do hereby encourage one another in our respective ministries that we preach and teach from the Word of God both the necessity and the blessing of believers having a consistent Biblical testimony and exercising a Biblical worldview in all their activities that expose them to a world of unbelief, thereby making practical application of what has been learned from God’s Word and making a difference in an unbelieving world.